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Having spent a lifetime exploring waterways, fields and mountains up and down the East Coast, my work reflects my observations about, respect for, and love of nature.  Specific moments and places capture my imagination, and after returning to my studio, I try to recreate the feelings I associate with them on my canvas.  Often beginning with a sketch or photo, I focus on both the up-close details I find beneath my feet and within my reach, as well as the broad sweeps of color and shape I see as I observe the sprawling landscapes surrounding me.  Utilizing flat planes of color to create shapes that stack, overlap and interlock, my landscape paintings develop into vibrant geometric abstractions; while my flora and fauna studies are more amorphous and organic, intricate and patterned - an interpretation of the familiar with healthy doses of imagination.  


Each painting grows naturally through a process of mark making and painting, layering thick and thin acrylic paint, collage, and graphite. I am interested in the relationship between colors and the development of an interesting and complex surface.  Intrigued recently by transparent overlays, I have been exploring multiple materials and applications that allow me to apply this concept, including work on vellum, use of glazes, monoprint collage on wax paper and work on light structures (illuminations.)


Art and art making play a huge role in my life. I work from my home studio, have studio space at the Reston Art Gallery and Studios, teach at the Great Falls School of Art and from my home, and engage relentlessly with my many artist friends and mentors. Both my  work and my soul benefit from my broad involvement in the large DC Metropolitan area artist community.  

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